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Syberia 18 Twincool

Cooling and heating at the same time, select the two compartments refrigeration unit for low noise distribution.

Syberia 18 Twincool


  • Independent and adjustable cooling/freezing circuits.
  • No loss of cooling capacity when connecting second refrigeration circuit.
  • Low weight with only 340 kg.
  • High cooling capacity even when truck's engine is operating at idle speed.
  • ATP certified by TÜV (German Technical Inspection Association) and Wageningen NL (independent test institute).
  • Very quiet: Below PIEK level of 60 dB(A) at 100 % capacity.
  • Using two scroll compressors with economizers, the TWINCOOL has low maintenance costs thanks to the absence of fan belts and shaft seals.
  • Maximum loading capacity using flat & efficient evaporator of 120 mm / 160 mm high.
  • High electrical heating capacity, even when defrosting.
  • The TWIN-COOL refrigeration units for trucks achieve a significant reduction in noise levels and energy consumption.
  • Operated from the driver's cab (standard).


  • The unit can be operated from outside the cab
  • The unit can be fitted with the Safe/start function that allows the truck engine to be started and stopped automatically to let the refrigeration unit run (CAN bus)
  • 230 / 400 volt connection available
  • Various evaporators available
  • Option for additional heating capacity (3,000 watts)

The SYBERIA 18 TWINCOOL refrigeration unit for trucks is designed with two completely separate cooling and freezing circuits. Each cooling/freezing circuit is fitted with its own hermetically sealed scroll compressor (very high cooling capacity and efficiency). As a result, there are no shaft seals and V-belts, reducing causes of potential breakdowns, loss of refrigerant. Associated maintenance costs are kept to a minimum.

Data specifikationer

  • Specifications
      Refrigeration capacityat 0 °C (ATP)9,200 watts9,200 watts18,400 watts
      at -10 °C (ATP)7,300 watts7,300 watts14,600 watts
      at -20 °C (ATP)5,500 watts5,500 watts11,000 watts
      Compressor2 x Fully hermetic scroll compressor with economizer
      Airflow from evaporator3,400 m3/h3,400 m3/h 
      Heating capacity7,000 watts7,000 watts 
      Total weight installedapprox. 340 kg

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