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Save fuel and weight with ECO-DRIVE


The ECO-DRIVE is a power module, which is fitted to the side of the truck's chassis. 400V/3/50Hz is delivered and constantly available. This pump is connected to the truck engine via a PTO (power take off). The hydraulic system drives a generator located inside the power module delivering a constant 400V/3/50Hz.

A control is integrated within the hydraulic system, called X-Flow. This innovative system operates independent of the truck’s engine speed and ensures 100 % capacity is always available. The system communicates with the CAN bus of the truck.


  • 100 % capacity from idle speed of the truck's engine thanks to X-Flow function.
  • Saves time (with sea container transport).
  • Significant fuel saving (2 to 4 liters per hour).
  • Availability of electrical power for other applications due to constant 400V/3/50Hz supply.
  • Very low noise system.
  • Low emissions as power is generated by the truck's engine (Euro 6).
  • Limited maintenance required.
  • Quiet operation even at 100 % capacity.
  • Low weight with 175 kg for the complete system.

Data specifikationer

  • Model
  • Volt

      400 / 460 Volt

  • Current (max.)
      30 A35 A40 A50 A50 A
  • Output (max.)
      25 kVA30 kVA35 kVA40 kVA45 kVA
  • Frequency

      50 / 60 Hz

  • Dimensions
      60x50x80 cm60x50x80 cm60x50x80 cm70x50x80 cm70x50x80 cm
  • Weight (kg)

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